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Microsoft invests in nearly 1 million nature-based carbon credits

Microsoft has made a significant move to bolster its carbon neutrality efforts by acquiring over 970,000 nature-based carbon removal credits from Anew Climate, LLC. This agreement underscores Microsoft's commitment to combatting environmental degradation and enhancing its carbon credit portfolio.

Microsoft invests in nearly 1 million nature-based carbon credits_Landscape view of North American forest_visual 1Landscape view of North American forest. AI generated picture.

The credits, sourced from Anew's extensive North American forest management projects, aim to promote sustainable forestry practices. These high-integrity removal credits come from forestlands managed by Aurora Sustainable Lands, Acadian Timber Corp., and Baskahegan Company. Such initiatives provide financial incentives for landowners to adopt sustainable land management practices, crucial for increasing carbon stocks in US forests.

Brian Marrs, Senior Director of Energy and Carbon Removal at Microsoft, emphasised the importance of these credits in supporting sustainable forestry. He highlighted the role of market-based incentives in preserving forest cover, which is vital for meeting global climate goals.

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Despite recent controversies surrounding carbon offsetting through sustainable forestry, experts maintain that preserving ecosystems is essential for mitigating environmental degradation. Anew Climate's projects have conserved over 10 million acres in the past decade, demonstrating the effectiveness of such market-driven approaches.

Lizzie Aldrich, Vice President of Business Development at Anew Climate, praised Microsoft's rigorous due diligence and commitment to quality in its sustainability journey. She expressed pride in partnering with a leading climate-conscious company like Microsoft.

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This agreement is part of Microsoft's broader initiative to become carbon-negative by 2030. It follows several large-scale nature-based carbon removal agreements, including a significant reforestation deal with re.green. Additionally, Microsoft has joined forces with Google, Meta, and Salesforce in a 20-million-tonne advance market commitment to support the nature-based carbon removal market.

Microsoft's continued efforts to invest in nature-based solutions underscore its leadership in corporate sustainability and environmental action. DGB Group focuses on nature-based solutions such as reforestation, community-driven agroforestry, and sustainable land management, generating high-integrity carbon units certified by Verra and the Gold Standard. We prioritise restoration projects in Africa, a region that critically needs these initiatives. Our carbon offset solutions provide organisations with a transparent way to reduce their environmental impact while benefiting nature and local communities. By partnering with DGB, businesses and individuals can work towards their net-zero goals, restore natural habitats, and support a more sustainable, greener planet.

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