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From flame to future: sparking health and sustainability in Kenya's schools

At DGB Group, we're thrilled to announce the latest strides in our pioneering initiative, the Kenya Stoves for Schools Project. This groundbreaking endeavour aims to revolutionise the way schools in Kenya prepare meals, turning the spotlight on health, efficiency, and environmental preservation.

Sparking health and sustainability in Kenyas schools_Pupils waiting in a queue for lunch_visual 1Pupils queuing for lunch. Stoves for Schools Project, DGB.

In our quest to better children's health and safeguard our planet, we've embarked on a mission to transform cooking practices in Kenyan schools. Our project introduces energy-efficient institutional cookstoves that enhance efficiency, reduce indoor air pollution, and decrease deforestation. Borrowing the advanced thermal technology that powered the acclaimed Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project, we're custom-building large, fixed cookstoves right within the schools' kitchens.

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With four pilot installations already warming the hearts and meals of four schools, we're on a path of discovery, testing these innovations against traditional cooking methods. These initial steps are critical, allowing us to gather invaluable feedback on their performance and impact.

Sparking health and sustainability in Kenyas schools_A local woman cooking a meal for pupils_visual 2A local woman cooking a meal for pupils. Stoves for Schools Project, DGB.

As the pilot phase progresses, excitement is building. Our project, under the insightful leadership of Haron Wachira and James Wachieni, has already inspired over 460 schools to join this transformative journey. That's over 100,000 children who stand to benefit from healthier meals and learning environments, not to mention the countless trees saved in the process.

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What sets this project apart is not just the technology but the spirit of collaboration and community. From the construction phase to the classroom, everyone is involved. Local artisans are upskilled and ready to bring these cookstoves to more regions. Children are engaged and learning about sustainability hands-on through activities like tree planting and cultural dances.

Sparking health and sustainability in Kenyas schools_Pupils learning in a classroom_visual 3Pupils learning in a classroom. Stoves for Schools Project, DGB.

The project design is ongoing, and we are currently evaluating the cookstoves' fuel consumption improvement and updating the stove designs with schools on the ground. The projected 7.5-year lifespan of each cookstove is a testament to our dedication to sustainable solutions and constant improvement.

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The Stoves for Schools Project is more than just an initiative; it's a movement towards a healthier, greener future. With each cookstove, we're lighting a flame of change that promises brighter prospects for Kenya's children and their communities. We invite you to explore and support DGB’s carbon removal and biodiversity projects as we continue to break new ground, one cookstove at a time.

Together, we're cooking up a storm of positive change

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