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How to use DGB Group's carbon footprint calculator on your journey to net zero

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, DGB Group is a reliable option for sustainable solutions, fostering the development and implementation of nature-based initiatives. To provide the appropriate solutions each business needs on its way to net zero, DGB offers a crucial service—the CO2 Expert carbon calculator tool. This innovative online platform empowers businesses to not only calculate their carbon footprint but also take proactive measures to offset and reduce their environmental impact.

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What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions emitted into the atmosphere due to the activities of a person, organisation, or product. It serves as a measure of its environmental impact, considering all relevant sources of emissions associated with a defined population, system, or activity.

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Why offset your emissions?

Offsetting your emissions is a crucial component of reducing your environmental footprint. Not all emissions are preventable. By offsetting residual emissions that cannot be reduced or avoided, you effectively reach net zero or carbon neutrality. This means that you strike a balance between the emissions you emit vs the emissions you remove from the atmosphere. This is achieved by implementing carbon-reduction strategies and offsetting hard-to-abate emissions. Carbon offsetting is a crucial tool to restore nature as it funds vital restoration initiatives and helps individuals and organisations achieve carbon neutrality. When a business becomes carbon neutral, it not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility but also improves the business’ brand reputation and helps it connect with consumers who care about sustainability. 

To achieve global environmental goals in line with the US Paris Agreement and mitigate harm to nature, we all have to take action and address our environmental impact to ensure a better, more sustainable world where nature can continue to support us. The first step is measuring your carbon footprint, reducing emissions that can be reduced, and then offsetting remaining emissions.

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Understanding the CO2 Expert tool: the path to carbon neutrality

Embarking on a sustainable and net zero journey requires a meticulous understanding of your carbon footprint. DGB Group's CO2 Expert tool simplifies this process, allowing organisations to measure and manage their emissions effectively. Here's a step-by-step guide on how the calculator operates.

How does the carbon footprint calculator work?

How to use DGB Groups carbon footprint calculator on your journey to net zero_Illustration describing how the carbon footprint calculator works_visual 2Illustration describing the features of the carbon footprint calculator.

With the use of our CO2 Expert tool, you can easily add locations and data, compare and benchmark your performance, view reports, and manage or review your carbon footprint directly. Your portal will also contain your CO2 certificates. The CO2 Expert tool is an online, easy-to-access tool to give transparency on your carbon footprint to your stakeholders. 

To initiate the process, identify the emissions relevant to your organisation—from energy consumption to travel activities. Measure these activities, inputting data such as kilometres driven by employees, and let the tool calculate your carbon footprint. Have our consultants validate your data, offering insights and recommendations. Explore your carbon emissions through online reports, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your impact. Offset any remaining emissions with our carbon credits, setting the stage for a sustainable, net-zero future.

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User-friendly journey: a step-by-step guide to calculating your carbon footprint

For clients eager to embrace sustainability, DGB’s CO2 Expert tool provides a user-friendly experience on how to calculate your carbon footprint. Follow these steps to embark on your carbon footprint assessment:

How to use DGB Groups carbon footprint calculator on your journey to net zero_Illustration describing step-by-step guide to calculate carbon footprint_visual 3Illustration describing the step-by-step guide to calculate your carbon footprint.

Step 1: Create your account
  • Sign up for an account using your email address.
  • Fill in company details to tailor the calculations to your specific operations.
  • Add locations, such as headquarters and factories, for a comprehensive footprint assessment.
  • Add all your emissions sources (categories), for example, your energy and gas consumption, air travel, and public transport. You can easily invite colleagues to help you manage the portal and data input.
  • Choose the target year and measurement period.
Step 2: Start measuring
  • Start measuring activities by inputting data for each category you created.
  • Attach supporting documents, like electricity bills, to validate the data.
  • The tool automatically calculates your total carbon emissions using established country-specific factors and is calculated for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

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Step 3: Insights await
  • Access detailed reports offering insights and analyses of your carbon emissions on your selected categories across Scope 1, 2, and 3.
  • Book a validation meeting with our consultants for a thorough review, including reduction recommendations and targets.

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Step 4: Offset and certify
  • Offset your carbon emissions through our verified carbon credits by investing in DGB's nature-based projects, which capture carbon from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity and nature restoration, and support local communities
  • Obtain a personalised CO2 compensation certificate acknowledging your commitment to sustainability.
  • Review, download, and share your certificate seamlessly through the online portal. You can celebrate your carbon offsetting or net-zero status by sharing this certificate with stakeholders, customers, investors, and employees.

Learn more about carbon footprint analysis in our brochure

Unlocking insights and building a sustainable future

The CO2 Expert tool delivers a wealth of information and opportunities for businesses committed to sustainability:

  • Gain insights into your carbon footprint calculated according to the GHG protocol, categorised by activity and location over a specified time period.
  • The tool identifies your top three emission sources, providing a clear overview of your carbon footprint and opportunities for targeted improvements.
  • Utilise the tool for ongoing measurements in new measurement periods, comparing and analysing your carbon footprint over the years. You can also choose to add new locations if you have opened a new factory, for example.
  • Soon, you will also be able to benchmark your results against industry peers to assess your standing and drive continuous improvement. The report will show you your CO2 emissions per tonne compared to the industry average over a period, allowing you to track your progress in the market.
  • Access your certificates and portal anytime for effortless ESG reporting and showcasing to stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability with stakeholders.

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The CO2 Expert tool is your one-stop solution for your CO2 strategy. The tool is accessible, easy to use, and user-friendly, making your journey towards net zero and stakeholder reporting effortless.

DGB Group makes the road to net zero effortless

DGB's CO2 Expert carbon calculator tool emerges as an adaptable and user-friendly solution, guiding organisations through the intricate realm of carbon management. 

Recognising and mitigating sources of emissions within business operations is pivotal for achieving sustainability objectives and diminishing carbon footprints. It also attracts consumers and investors and has been shown to save costs and boost reputation. By concentrating on areas such as energy consumption or supply chains, businesses can make substantial strides in curbing their environmental impact.

How to use DGB Groups carbon footprint calculator on your journey to net zero_Aerial view on a tree nursery in Kenya_visual 4Aerial view of a tree nursery in Kenya, Hongera Reforestation Project, DGB.

Taking proactive measures, conducting thorough assessments, and implementing sustainable practices are essential for organisations committed to fostering a greener future. By embracing sustainable initiatives and consciously addressing emissions, businesses can play a pivotal role in reducing their environmental footprint and reaching net zero. At DGB, we take pride in providing accessible and transparent solutions, extending our commitment to nature conservation to businesses, investors, and individuals who share our passion for a sustainable world. Join us on the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future—making a positive impact on the environment, one carbon footprint at a time.

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