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Meta’s journey to sustainability: pioneering net-zero emissions

In recent years, Meta (formerly known as Facebook Inc.) has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by embarking on a transformative journey towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Meta recognises the urgent need to address climate change and has developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy focusing on how they operate, what they create, and how they collaborate. This case study explores Meta's initiatives, progress, and key partnerships on its path to net zero.

Meta’s journey to sustainability_Aerial view of green forest and Meta logo_visual 1Aerial view of green forest with misty clouds. Meta logo. 

Meta's sustainability approach: protecting, amplifying, and collaborating

Meta is committed to protecting the wellbeing of people and the planet through sustainable practices throughout its operations and global supply chain. The company has taken significant measures to reduce its environmental impact and drive positive change.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Meta has set a goal to achieve 100% renewable energy for its global operations. By 2020, it had already reached an impressive 86% renewable energy sourcing and it continues to make progress toward its target. This substantial shift to renewable energy sources demonstrates Meta's dedication to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating its environmental footprint.

Water stewardship is another crucial aspect of Meta's sustainability strategy. They have set a target to replenish 100% of the water used in water-stressed areas by 2030. To achieve this, Meta is actively implementing water conservation programmes and establishing partnerships focused on responsible water management. By addressing water scarcity challenges, Meta aims to ensure the sustainable use of this vital resource.

Meta recognises its unique position to amplify climate leaders and drive positive change through its products and platforms. They actively promote climate-related content, disseminate accurate information, and provide tools and resources that empower users to take climate action. By leveraging its vast reach, Meta aims to raise awareness and inspire individuals to make a meaningful impact on environmental issues.

Collaboration plays a pivotal role in Meta's sustainability journey. They engage with experts and actively support established initiatives in the climate space. Meta collaborates with organisations such as the United Nations Global Compact and participates in initiatives like the Science-Based Targets initiative. By aligning its sustainability goals with globally recognised standards and collaborating with experts, Meta ensures their efforts are well-informed and contribute to collective action against climate change.

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Meta's approach to sustainability, encompassing their commitment to protecting, amplifying, and collaborating, underscores their dedication to making a positive environmental impact. Through its operations, product innovation, and strategic partnerships, Meta is paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

Latest development: major carbon credits deal

In a significant milestone on its sustainability journey, Meta recently signed a major carbon credits deal for 6.75 million carbon credits with Aspiration, a leading provider of sustainable financial services. This partnership demonstrates Meta's commitment to investing in nature-based solutions to mitigate its carbon emissions. By purchasing carbon credits, Meta supports projects that remove or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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The way forward

Meta’s journey to sustainability_young plant seedlings_visual 2Young plant seedlings.

Meta's journey to net zero encompasses a holistic approach to sustainability, addressing both internal operations and external platforms. Through its commitment to renewable energy, water stewardship, and collaboration with experts, Meta is actively reducing its environmental impact. By strengthening climate leaders and promoting climate-related content, Meta empowers users to take action. The recent carbon credits deal with Aspiration further solidifies Meta's commitment to driving meaningful change. As Meta continues to innovate and collaborate, it is positioned to significantly contribute to the fight against climate change and environmental degradation, inspiring other companies and individuals to join the sustainability movement.

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