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Green horizons: a $6.2 million afforestation endeavour unveiled

Embarking on a pioneering venture, a significant investment of $6.2 million has been committed to a transformative afforestation project in Alberta. This collaboration, a debut partnership in Canada, is a key component of a broader $170 million initiative dedicated to nature-focused projects. The partners involved in this groundbreaking effort include Aviva, a prominent insurer, and Edmonton-based Wild + Pine.

Green horizons_ a $6.2 million afforestation endeavour unveiled_Landscape view of a lake in Banff National Park in Canada_visual 1Landscape view of a lake in Banff National Park, Canada.

By joining forces with Wild + Pine, Aviva will be supporting the StoneWoods Forest Carbon project, spanning 520 hectares in Alberta. Projections indicate that over 60 years, this initiative will sequester an estimated 275,000 tonnes of carbon, simultaneously promoting regional biodiversity.

In a strategic move, Aviva meticulously assessed proposals from various Canadian charities and organisations before selecting Wild + Pine as the inaugural recipient of funding. Established in 2011 by a group of environmental professionals and scientists, Wild + Pine specialises in developing verified carbon removal assets through afforestation, aligning with Aviva's commitment to climate goals and ecosystem revitalization.

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Aviva Canada’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Paul Fletcher, emphasised the significance of nature-based solutions in addressing climate change. He stated, “Nature is the best climate change solution we have, and Canada has the opportunity to harness the power of nature to help us fight climate change and biodiversity loss.”

Chris Kallal, CEO of Wild + Pine, expressed delight in partnering with Aviva on the StoneWoods Forest Carbon Project, which aims to showcase the global impact of Canada's forests. Kallal commended Aviva for recognizing the value of funding the restoration and protection of nature, highlighting its importance beyond a business decision.

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Nature-based solutions not only drive net-zero goals but also shape a sustainable future through carbon credits. Embracing these initiatives restores ecosystems, safeguards biodiversity, and enhances general environmental wellbeing. DGB Group presents abundant possibilities for initiating meaningful change. To expedite net-zero objectives, active endorsement and investment in nature-based projects are imperative. Strategic allocation of resources, heightened awareness, and supportive policies can fully unleash their potential in nature conservation.

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