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Forest fund nears halfway mark with $224.5 million raised for forests

In a momentous stride towards ecological revitalisation, $224.5 million has been committed to the Manulife Forest Climate Fund LP by Manulife Investment Management. This significant achievement marks the fund's progression to almost half of its $500 million capital commitment target.

Forest fund nears halfway mark with $224.5 million raised for forests_Rainforest, North Queensland, Australia_visual 1Aerial view of rainforest, North Queensland, Australia.

Introduced in late 2022, the fund transcends conventional financial aspirations, casting a spotlight on its profound commitment to environmental welfare. Operating on the principle of sustainable forest management, the fund consciously favours carbon sequestration over timber production. By investing in a diverse portfolio of responsibly managed forestland assets, it actively champions the preservation and regeneration of natural ecosystems.

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The emphasis on afforestation and reforestation initiatives underscores a genuine dedication to cultivating new forests. This isn't merely a monetary investment; it's a contribution to the vitality of our planet. Tom Sarno, Global Head of Timberland Investments at Manulife Investment Management, emphasises the fund's alignment with the escalating demand for environmental solutions. Investors aren't just supporting a financial cause; they are integral to initiatives towards environmental protection and bolstering biodiversity.

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Approaching the midpoint of its capital target, the fund signifies a collective endeavour towards a sustainable future. Beyond financial milestones, the Manulife Forest Climate Fund stands as a symbol of the instrumental role the financial sector can play in nurturing ecological harmony. This substantial commitment reflects a collective dedication to environmental stewardship, with every pledged dollar translating into tangible efforts for the preservation and flourishing of our planet's natural legacy.

When addressing various environmental challenges, afforestation and reforestation emerge as significant solutions to environmental crises. As we observe the detrimental effects of deforestation, placing a crucial emphasis on afforestation and reforestation becomes imperative. At DGB Group, our commitment to nature-restoration initiatives through reforestation and afforestation is unwavering. Through our large-scale projects, we actively counteract the effects of deforestation and biodiversity loss. A collective effort is essential to tackle this widespread problem, and you can be part of helping nature.

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