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Nature recovery fund: UK's £10 million contribution fights biodiversity decline

In a significant move towards addressing global biodiversity loss, the UK government has pledged £10 million to the newly established Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF). This announcement was made during Canada's Global Environment Facility (GEF) assembly, where the UK joined hands with 185 nations to tackle pressing environmental concerns.

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The GBFF aims to combat the alarming decrease in global biodiversity. The UK's commitment to this fund demonstrates its dedication to countering climate impacts and protecting nature. This contribution echoes the nation's dedication to safeguarding wildlife and developing ocean management strategies.

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The British government acknowledges the urgency of the situation, with approximately one million species facing the risk of extinction due to vanishing coral reefs, rainforests, and peatlands. Protecting biodiversity is not just an environmental concern; it's crucial for livelihoods, food production, economic prosperity, and national security.

Speaking at the GEF assembly, UK Nature Minister Trudy Harrison emphasised the importance of working together to halt and reverse the decline in global biodiversity. The GBFF aligns with the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) signed by 200 nations, aiming to reduce global biodiversity loss by half before 2030.

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Minister Harrison highlighted the significant link between biodiversity and GDP, where half of the global GDP ($44 trillion) supports communities dependent on biodiversity. The UK is investing £3 billion of its International Climate Finance pledge to manage nature sustainably, aligning with the '30 by 30' target to protect 30% of global biodiversity by 2030.

The UK's contribution to the GBFF lays the path in the fight against the global biodiversity crisis. At DGB Group, we share this commitment to preserving nature, and our actions mirror this dedication. Our carbon offset initiatives go beyond sequestration; they restore the environment and empower local communities. By restoring biodiversity, protecting ecosystems, and providing resources like yield-producing trees and energy-efficient cookstoves, we ensure that our projects benefit both the environment and the people who depend on it. Together, with initiatives like the GBFF and DGB’s sustainable strategies, we are forging a greener, more biodiverse future for all, where nature thrives and sustainability prevails.

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