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Oman's mangrove restoration: $150 million in carbon credits

In collaboration with MSA Green Projects, Oman's Environment Authority launched the Oman Blue Carbon project. The goal is to plant 100 million mangrove trees, aligning with the National Zero Carbon Strategy 2050. This venture anticipates the removal of 14 million metric tonnes of CO2 over four years, potentially earning $150 million in carbon credits. The project plans to transform 20,000 hectares of coastal land into mangrove habitats, serving as Oman's pledge towards offsetting emissions.

Omans mangrove restoration_Landscape view of mangroves in Muscat_visual 1Landscape view of mangroves in Muscat, the capital of Oman.

Oman's mangroves, nearly extinct nowadays, are undergoing a transformative revival. Once spanning the coast 6,000 years ago, only one species, the Avicennia marina, survives today along the coastline from North al Batinah to Dhofar. 

The steady transformation of the once-barren Al-Sawadi creek into an 88-hectare lush forest stands as a testament to the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said's visionary commitment to conservation. The overarching aim? To reduce carbon emissions while capitalising on the economic benefits offered, as reported by Agence France-Presse.

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These resilient trees act as potent carbon sinks, utilising photosynthesis, sediment trapping, slow decomposition, and peat formation to store atmospheric CO2. Over the past two years, Oman's efforts have seen the planting of over 3.5 million mangrove seeds, with a record-breaking 2 million trees this year. Coastal areas from Dhofar to Muscat and the Daymaniyat Islands are now reaping the benefits of this green resurgence.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a pivotal step towards Oman's zero-emission aspirations, estimating significant economic and environmental gains through restoring and preserving these invaluable mangrove ecosystems.

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As stewards of our planet, it's our responsibility to protect and preserve these invaluable ecosystems, securing their legacy for current and future generations. Acknowledging their importance and uniting in conservation endeavours, we can ensure the sustained health of these crucial blue forests. Aligned with this imperative, DGB Group strongly advocates for the inherent power of nature and recognises the crucial role played by biodiversity. This belief fuels our dedication to propel nature-focused initiatives and restore vital forests. Leveraging our nature-based carbon projects, our focus remains unwavering: to nurture flourishing and resilient ecosystems for a sustainable future.

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