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Subway Surfers unite with J Balvin to cook up carbon reduction magic

In a remarkable partnership, J Balvin, the renowned Reggaeton artist, is stepping into the world of Subway Surfers, a popular endless runner mobile game. What makes this collaboration truly special is that it's not just about gaming; it's about taking action to offset carbon emissions and restore nature. This is made possible thanks to PlanetPlay’s green gaming campaigns and DGB Group’s own Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project.

Subway Surfers unite with J Balvin to cook up carbon reduction magic_Group picture of Planet Play members with a cookstove_visual 1Group picture of PlanetPlay members with a cookstove, Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project, DGB.

SYBO, together with PlanetPlay, the creative force behind Subway Surfers, has introduced J Balvin as a playable character. Here's the exciting twist—a portion of the profits from in-game character purchases of Balvin's avatar will support carbon emission reduction efforts. Gamers can also get their hands on exclusive T-shirts bundled with carbon emissions reductions, starting at a minimum of 100 kg CO2.

Subway Surfers unite with J Balvin to cook up carbon reduction magic_a shot from the game Subway Surfers_visual 2J Balvin as a playable character in the Subway Surfers game - a shot from the game.

But what's really significant is the allocation of these earnings to carbon credits generated by DGB’s Hongera Energy-Efficient Cookstoves Project in Kenya. This initiative is all about distributing energy-efficient cookstoves to local households in various Kenyan regions, a game-changer in reducing carbon emissions and improving health. This project is transforming communities and safeguarding local ecosystems. By reducing the amount of firewood needed for cooking, these energy-efficient stoves alleviate the pressure on local forests. Less wood usage means less deforestation, making afforestation and conservation projects more effective.

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Moreover, these cookstoves have a tangible impact at the community level. They enhance health and wellbeing while promoting cleaner surroundings. It's a recipe for both a healthier planet and happier communities. 

Subway Surfers unite with J Balvin to cook up carbon reduction magic_Planet Play team members with a local man holding an energy efficient cookstove_visual 3PlanetPlay team members with a local man holding a cookstove, Kenya, Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project, DGB.

The Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project stands as an inspiring example of sustainable development, where environmental and community wellbeing harmonise. By curbing wood consumption, it not only combats deforestation but also eases the burden on local communities, fostering reforestation and conservation. What's more, these energy-efficient cookstoves enhance indoor air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses.

Subway Surfers unite with J Balvin to cook up carbon reduction magic_Planet Play member with a local community during a cookstoves distribution_visual 4PlanetPlay member with the local community during a cookstove distribution, Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project, DGB.

As this project marches forward with innovative strategies, it remains dedicated to sustainability, community empowerment, and environmental protection. The expansion of the Hongera Energy Efficient Cookstoves Project represents a significant leap towards a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future for the region. DGB Group's unwavering commitment to being nature positive is evident through these transformative solutions that drive tangible change in our world.

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Mathias Gredal Nørvig, SYBO's CEO, is enthusiastic about this collaboration, aiming to inspire environmental action far beyond the game's enormous player base of 150 million monthly users. For J Balvin, this venture is not just about being a character in a game; it's a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment.

With this innovative partnership, gaming and environmental action join forces. J Balvin and Subway Surfers boast extensive global followings, and now they're uniting two communities for a meaningful cause.

You can play as J Balvin in Subway Surfers until 19 November. Plus, enjoy his latest single, ‘Dientes’, featuring DJ Khaled and Usher, while gaming. Join the challenge to beat Balvin's high score on social media for a chance to win a signed prize, in-game rewards, and more.

It's not just a game; it's a chance to make a real-world impact. Join the movement, offset carbon emissions, and play your part in creating a greener, healthier planet.

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