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Tree database revolutionises environmentally-adapted reforestation

The recently unveiled Tree Globally Observed Environmental Ranges (TreeGOER) database is positioned to revolutionise our approach to reforestation tree selection in the face of changing environmental impacts. Developed by the Center for International Forestry Research and World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF), this database meticulously documents the environmental ranges of an impressive 48,129 tree species.

Tree database revolutionises environmentally-adapted reforestation_top view of an afforestation area_visual 1Top view of an afforestation area.

TreeGOER provides invaluable insights into the environmental preferences of these tree species. It covers 38 bioclimatic, eight soil, and three topographic variables based on species distribution modelling analyses of more than 44 million occurrences. Widely accessible, this resource offers a wealth of data for researchers and land managers.

TreeGOER facilitates global analyses for a multitude of tree species, illustrated by two case studies presented in R, a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. The first case study delves into latitudinal trends of tree vulnerability, comparing findings with urban trees. The second focuses on tropical areas, examining trends across different longitudinal zones and investigating moisture index patterns.

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Key statistics derived from a cleaned and taxonomically standardised dataset are available, including 5% and 95% quantiles. Remarkably, approximately 45% of species benefit from estimates based on 20 or more observation records, offering robust preliminary assessments of suitable conditions, particularly for lesser-known species facing the challenges of changing environmental conditions.

The bioclimatic ranges of species, traced along global temperature and moisture index gradients and across continents, align with established patterns of tree diversity. For example, the database confirms the highest levels of diversity in moist tropical forests, with a distinctive pattern observed in Africa.

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Researchers conducting biogeographical and environmental impact studies for diverse tree species across various spatial and temporal scales are to benefit significantly from TreeGOER. This resource promises to be an invaluable asset in our ongoing efforts to navigate the challenges of protecting nature in a dynamic society, including reforestation efforts.

Tree planting emerges as a formidable solution to the complex array of environmental challenges we face today. As the consequences of deforestation become increasingly evident, the urgency to prioritise reforestation efforts cannot be overstated. At DGB Group, our commitment to reforestation initiatives stands as a testament to our dedication to combat the far-reaching effects of deforestation and biodiversity loss.

It is paramount that we address the root causes of deforestation collectively. By understanding the remarkable benefits that stem from planting trees, we have the power to steer our planet towards a greener and healthier future. Let us unite in our support for reforestation endeavours, planting trees wherever the opportunity arises, and nurturing a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

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