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From dust to lush: the revitalisation of Lake Aral's banks

We are thrilled to share the latest developments in our monumental journey towards ecological restoration with the Lake Aral Afforestation Project in Kazakhstan. Our team is dedicatedly advancing through critical stages, including securing permission letters with the government, progressing through the due diligence phase, and finalising the seed sourcing and project design stage. Moreover, we are fine-tuning our species selection design, ensuring the most beneficial outcomes for the environment and local communities.

From dust to lush_ the revitalisation of Lake Arals banks_Landscape view of young saxaul trees plantation_visual 1Landscape view of young saxaul trees plantation.

Nestled in the heart of Kazakhstan's Kyzylorda Region, the Lake Aral Afforestation Project seeks to revive the once-thriving banks of the Aral Sea. By planting resilient saxaul vegetation, we aim to combat the severe environmental issues of soil erosion, poor air quality, and the harsh impacts of sand-salt storms. The saxaul, a robust, salt-tolerant species, is perfectly suited to flourish under the challenging conditions of the Aral Sea's dried banks, bringing about a much-needed ecological transformation.

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Our ecological strategy focuses on reforestation with saxaul trees and implementing sustainable grazing practices. These efforts are poised to significantly mitigate the adverse effects of salt, dust, and sand, marking a pivotal step towards healing the landscape. The project is also a testament to our commitment to carbon reduction, with a rigorous internal process in place to quantify the carbon sequestered by the new saxaul ecosystems.

From dust to lush_ the revitalisation of Lake Arals banks_Saxaul tree in Altyn Emel park, Kazakhstan_visual 2Saxaul tree in Altyn Emel park, Kazakhstan.

The essence of this project lies in its collaborative spirit. By engaging with local communities, government bodies, and various stakeholders, we ensure a shared vision for sustainability and responsible implementation. Our initiatives are designed to bring economic opportunities and environmental improvements to the Kyzylorda Region, one of Kazakhstan's most ecologically vulnerable areas.

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The Lake Aral Afforestation Project stands to support not just the immediate environment but the global community. Through community engagement, sustainable practices, and a commitment to high carbon standards, we are setting a benchmark for environmental restoration projects worldwide.

As we move forward, our focus remains on bringing the Lake Aral Afforestation Project to fruition with transparency, accountability, and excellence. We are on the cusp of creating new ecosystems that will stabilise soil, purify the air, and foster a healthier, greener future for the Kyzylorda Region.

Join us in this journey of ecological revival and witness the transformation of the Aral Sea's dried banks into lush, life-supporting landscapes. Your support for our nature-based solutions propels us closer to achieving our vision for a sustainable planet.

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