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How the reforestation project in Uganda benefits the Bulindi chimpanzees

The impact of our Uganda reforestation project stretches beyond the benefits to the local community. The chimpanzee community in the Bulindi district of Uganda is also positively impacted by the Uganda reforestation project. 

Bulindi Chimpanzees and the community_visual 1Uganda Reforestation Project, DGB.

The project benefits the chimpanzees in many ways. Firstly, restoring the deforested and degraded land will provide a replenished habitat for the resident chimpanzees, allowing their population to recover and grow. It will also reduce conflict between the chimpanzees and the local community, as they will have access to restored natural resources.

You can observe the chimpanzees inspecting the tree nursery below:

Visual 2-Apr-18-2023-07-07-25-3753-AM

Secondly, the reforestation efforts will also restore local ecosystems, rejuvenate depleted soil, and assist with soil water retention and soil structure reinforcement. This will create a healthier environment for the chimpanzees, providing them with food sources and improving their overall wellbeing.

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Thirdly, the project includes community engagement and training programmes, which will educate the local community about chimpanzee behaviour, sustainable farming, and environmental conservation. This will promote coexistence between the chimpanzees and the local community, reducing human-wildlife conflict and fostering a positive relationship.

Bulindi Chimpanzees and the community_visual 2Male Bulindi Murry. Source: https://bulindichimpanzees.weebly.com/meet-the-chimps.html; Photographer: Jacqueline Rohen.

Furthermore, the project provides additional benefits to the community, such as funding for school aid, donated tree seedlings for local farmers to expand their farming, and improved access to fresh drinking water and energy-efficient cookstoves. These benefits will improve the livelihoods of the local community, leading to a more supportive and positive environment for the chimpanzees.

The Uganda reforestation project will benefit the chimpanzee community in the Bulindi district by providing a restored habitat, improving local ecosystems, promoting coexistence with the local community, and improving the overall wellbeing of both the chimpanzees and the community through various incentives and benefits.

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