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Marking a new chapter in DGB’s Uganda environmental restoration project

We're thrilled to share the latest update on our transformative initiative in Uganda, the Bulindi Chimpanzee Habitat Restoration Project. As we conclude the first planting season, we've successfully planted 94 hectares with vibrant new life. Currently, we're nurturing new seedlings in our nursery, eagerly preparing for the second planting season. This project is not just about reforestation; it's a significant step towards creating a balance between wildlife and human development, symbolising our commitment to excellence in environmental and sustainable development actions.

Marking a new chapter in DGB’s Uganda environmental restoration project_Seedlings nursery in Uganda_visual 1Seedlings nursery in Uganda. Bulindi Chimpanzee Habitat Restoration Project, DGB.

The impact of our reforestation efforts in Uganda transcends its immediate environmental benefits. It benefits local communities and is a vital lifeline for the chimpanzee population in the Bulindi district. By restoring deforested and degraded lands, we're providing a sanctuary for these magnificent primates and fostering harmony between the chimpanzees and local communities through access to restored natural resources.

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In an ambitious stride towards a greener future, our plan includes planting 4.5 million trees over the next six years. We're expanding our reach, now mobilising for the March–April planting season in five districts, with farmer registrations underway for the second growing season. This expansion marks a significant step in our commitment to environmental restoration and sustainable development. Our project is also currently being reviewed for certification by the prestigious Gold Standard.

At DGB Group, our mission is to spearhead carbon and biodiversity-credit solutions, with a keen focus on conserving nature and developing habitats. Our partnership with the local organisation Bulindi Chimpanzee & Community Project (BCCP) in Uganda, led by the esteemed Dr McLennan, a world-renowned primatologist, underscores our dedication to scaling reforestation efforts and protecting the habitat of the Bulindi chimpanzees. Dr McLennan's integrated conservation plan promises multiple benefits for the community, paving the way for a sustainable future.

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As we move forward, we remain committed to meeting the standards set by the Gold Standard, ensuring our projects contribute meaningfully to nature conservation and sustainable development. Our work is a reflection of our dedication to environmental stewardship, community resilience, and the wellbeing of our planet.

Marking a new chapter in DGB’s Uganda environmental restoration project_Close-up of bulindi chimpanzee sitting on a tree_visual 2Close-up of bulindi chimpanzee sitting on a tree. Bulindi Chimpanzee Habitat Restoration Project, DGB.

Join us in celebrating this milestone, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow, restore, and protect the natural world. Together, we're making a difference—one tree, one habitat, one community at a time.

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