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5 Green pioneers: companies turning purchases into trees

The act of planting trees has become a symbol of environmental responsibility, and several companies have embraced this practice as part of their commitment to sustainability. In this case study, we will delve into five remarkable companies that are contributing to the planet's wellbeing. By planting trees with every purchase, these businesses are making a lasting and positive impact on the environment. We will explore the unique initiatives and contributions of Tentree, Conscious Step, Woodwatch, Zero Waste Cartel, and Trinity Oaks, shedding light on their eco-friendly practices and the number of trees they've planted.

5 Green pioneers_ companies turning purchases into trees_ Drone view on a deciduous forest_visual 1Drone view on a deciduous forest.

1. Tentree - a forest of sustainable fashion

Tentree is more than a clothing brand; it's an environmental movement. With every purchase, Tentree plants 10 trees. Customers receive a token with a code to track their planted trees' progress, including their location and impact. This initiative has already resulted in over 30 million trees being planted. Beyond tree planting, Tentree's clothing is crafted from sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester, aligning with an Earth-first approach.

5 Green pioneers_ companies turning purchases into trees_Tentree_visual 2Credits: Tentree.

The company also offers mystery bags, where customers can buy eco-friendly items at a discount. Tentree is also committed to ethical labour practices and promoting safe working conditions.

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2. Conscious Step - socks with a purpose

Conscious Step, a brand known for its organic, vegan, and Fairtrade-certified socks, has made philanthropy fashionable. They've planted over 400,000 trees by donating a portion of their sales to tree-planting initiatives, including Trees for the Future. Every step you take in their socks helps the environment.

5 Green pioneers_ companies turning purchases into trees_Conscious Step_visual 3Credits: Conscious Step.

3. WoodWatch - timepieces for trees

WoodWatch, initially a wooden watch company, has expanded to include wooden sunglasses, bracelets, and iPhone cases. They offer products made from sustainable woods like olive and maple. For each item sold, WoodWatch plants three trees, and they've contributed to the planting of over 200,000 trees in collaboration with Trees for the Future since 2013. Customers can even choose to plant an extra tree with their order, further enhancing their positive impact.

5 Green pioneers_ companies turning purchases into trees_WoodWatch_visual 4Credits: WoodWatch.

4. Zero Waste Cartel - a greener shopping experience

Zero Waste Cartel encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle by planting a tree for every zero-waste item sold. Their product range includes sustainable options like bar shampoo, bamboo toothbrushes, and more. Working with One Tree Planted, they've already planted over 5,600 trees. The company's mission is to help individuals cut down on waste and enrich their lives, recognising that together, we can make a difference.

5 Green pioneers_ companies turning purchases into trees_ Zero Waste Cartel_visual 5Credits: Zero Waste Cartel.

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Trinity Oaks - wine for reforestation

Trinity Oaks has simplified the concept of contributing to reforestation: Buy a bottle of its wine, and it plants a tree. Since 1989, they have partnered with Trees for the Future, helping restore over 71,000 acres and plant more than 278 million trees. Their focus is on tropical locations where trees can have the most beneficial environmental impact.

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In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable world, these companies have set examples for businesses across various industries. By planting trees with every purchase, they demonstrate a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility. Through their initiatives, they not only contribute to reforestation but also promote ethical labour practices and sustainable materials. These companies prove that profit and environmental stewardship can coexist, inspiring us to make choices that benefit both the planet and its people. Together, they've collectively planted millions of trees, making a significant impact on our global ecosystem.

DGB Group: the perfect partner for contributing to nature

At DGB Group, our unwavering commitment to nature restoration and environmental sustainability drives us to offer nature-focused tailored services, empowering businesses to follow in the footsteps of initiatives like the ones mentioned above. By partnering with us, companies embark on a journey towards a greener future, fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and fostering meaningful customer engagement. Together, we can shape a world where businesses seamlessly integrate environmental responsibility with business growth, leaving a lasting positive impact on our planet. Partner with DGB, and let us provide bespoke solutions that align your business with sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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