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Bridging beauty and nature: Kao's biodiversity breakthrough

Kao Corporation, a Tokyo-based chemicals and cosmetics giant, has recently unveiled its comprehensive biodiversity action policy, underscoring a commitment to collaborate with consumers and business partners to address and reverse the impacts of its activities on biodiversity. The corporation, boasting a workforce of over 35,000 individuals, has incorporated a new dimension into its biodiversity action plan, emphasising a symbiotic approach.

Bridging beauty and nature_ Kaos biodiversity breakthrough_Close-up of eucalyptus leaves on a branch_visual 1Close-up of eucalyptus leaves on a branch.

In alignment with its ambition to combat both biodiversity loss and support nature restoration, Kao has outlined a strategy to contribute to the global reduction of chemical usage. This involves providing products and solutions leveraging proprietary technologies to minimise contamination risks and adverse effects linked to chemical substances, ultimately reducing waste. The corporation, with a market value of $17.6 billion, aims to employ chemicals with minimal environmental impact, emphasising a commitment to waste minimisation.

Bridging beauty and nature_ Kaos biodiversity breakthrough_Kaos product range_visual 2Kao's product range. Source: https://www.kao.com/my/products/ 

Kao Corporation's Biodiversity Action Policy outlines a comprehensive strategy to foster a harmonious coexistence between business operations and the environment. In terms of the business-biodiversity relationships, it commits to assessing the impact of its activities throughout the product life cycle, employing appropriate methods that consider ecosystems, local communities, and diverse stakeholders. The approach is guided by international information disclosure frameworks and target-setting methods. To minimise its impact on biodiversity, Kao emphasises the assessment of materiality, setting specific targets and timelines for conservation, restoration, and regeneration efforts. This includes establishing guidelines for sustainable procurement, particularly for resources like palm oil, paper, pulp, and other products, with a clear commitment to zero deforestation and biodiversity conservation. 

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Kao's dedication to innovation shines through its development of technologies aimed at minimising raw material use, achieving zero waste, and converting fossil-fuel resources to sustainable alternatives. It also places significant importance on compliance with international agreements, actively participating in biodiversity conservation and considering fair access to genetic resources. Moreover, Kao ensures local ecosystem preservation by conducting business activities with respect for communities and ecosystems, supporting livelihoods, and conducting biodiversity assessments to mitigate impact. Collaboration and awareness play a pivotal role, with Kao engaging employees, stakeholders, and consumers in biodiversity initiatives. It also pledges transparency in its actions, actively disclosing progress in line with international frameworks to contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Bridging beauty and nature_ Kaos biodiversity breakthrough_Kaos practicable technology for film-to-film recycling of used refill packs_visual 3Kao's practicable technology for film-to-film recycling of used refill packs.

The pledge forms part of an updated eight-point biodiversity action plan, indicating a comprehensive strategy. Other key points include understanding biodiversity across the supply chain, setting nature targets for specific products, supporting principles of no deforestation and no exploitation, and aligning with the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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Kao's commitment to biodiversity is underscored by its engagement in sustainable raw material procurement, developing technologies for efficient resource utilisation, and endeavours towards zero waste. It has conducted a biodiversity risk analysis, highlighting the potential interface of its supply chain with nature-sensitive areas and showcasing its dedication to the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) recommendations.

Reiterating its dedication, Kao revised its Action Policies on Conservation of Biodiversity on 31 October 2023, releasing them as the Action Policy on Biodiversity. The revised policy emphasises Kao's active engagement with consumers, business partners, and society at large to contribute to biodiversity conservation, restoration, and the regeneration of nature.

Kao's Action Policy on Biodiversity serves as a testament to its commitment to reversing biodiversity loss, aligning with international agreements, and incorporating innovative technologies. The corporation's overarching goal is to foster a harmonious coexistence of people, nature, and chemicals, exemplified by its aspiration to create a ‘Kirei life’ where individuals and the planet can thrive sustainably.

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