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Carbon credit giants unite for $500 million nature-based carbon offset projects

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Rubicon Carbon, Freepoint Commodities, and Imperative Global, three prominent American companies, have united to propel the development of nature-based carbon offset projects, with a potential investment of $500 million. These projects are anticipated to generate more than 100 million carbon credits, contributing significantly to decarbonisation efforts.

Carbon credit giants unite for nature-based carbon offset projects_sunlight between trees in the Redwoods State Park_visual 1View of sunlight between trees in the Redwoods State Park, California.

The alliance, driven by TPG Rise-backed Rubicon Carbon, intends to revolutionise the voluntary carbon market (VCM) by introducing large-scale nature-based carbon offset initiatives that yield impactful results for the environment.

Rubicon Carbon, with support from TPG Rise, specialises in aiding major corporations to meet their decarbonisation targets through curated carbon credit portfolios. Freepoint Commodities, renowned globally as a commodities merchant, extends its market solutions to VCM players, including investment in premium carbon projects. Imperative Global, with its proficiency in carbon credit project development and carbon markets, focuses on enhancing quality and execution.

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One of the core aspirations of this partnership is to generate more than 100 million high-quality carbon credits, certified by Verra and Gold Standard, not only mitigating carbon emissions but also advancing broader sustainability objectives. This initiative aligns perfectly with the surging demand for carbon offsets, which experts predict will ascend from $2 billion in 2022 to a staggering $250 billion by 2050. Through this partnership, they aim to bridge the gap between the demand for dependable offsets and the imperative for authentic, impactful, nature-based carbon offset ventures.

Central to the collaboration is to resolve a persistent concern: the question of quality in the carbon offset market. Rubicon Carbon's emphasis on integrity, demonstrated by partnering with Imperative Global, aims to elevate market standards. Chris Brown, Head of Rubicon Carbon Capital, reiterated the intent to drive ‘integrity and quality’ within the VCM.

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Freepoint Commodities echoes this sentiment, striving to bolster its voluntary carbon business by investing in projects of high integrity. Its support for Imperative Global as a market leader underscores its commitment to expanding offerings while adhering to superior standards.

In alignment with this mission, DGB Group is dedicated to assisting companies in achieving their net-zero objectives by harnessing the potential of nature and the carbon market. Our unwavering commitment to transparency and excellence propels the creation of premium carbon and biodiversity credits. These credits are not mere commodities; they serve as catalysts for the triumph of net-zero strategies while yielding remarkable advantages for both the environment and local societies. Our initiatives transcend conventional carbon sequestration, encompassing the restoration of biodiversity, preservation of critical ecosystems, and empowerment of communities. 

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