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Securing the future of tigers: Bhutan's billion-dollar conservation pledge

In a significant conservation effort, Bhutan's government, alongside a coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), has announced a commitment to mobilise $1 billion over the next 10 years to safeguard tigers and their natural habitats. This pledge was made at the Sustainable Finance for Tiger Landscapes Conference held in Paro, Bhutan, which saw participation from various stakeholders including representatives from tiger range countries and both private and public donors.

300424_Securing-the-future-of-tigers-Bhutans-picture of a bengal tiger_Visual 1Picture of a Bengal tiger at the Royal Manas National Park, Bhutan. AI generated image.

During the conference, the parties adopted the Paro Statement, promising not only to gather the necessary funds but also to develop new financial mechanisms to bolster tiger conservation efforts. The allocated funds are aimed at expanding the global tiger population, currently estimated at 5,500, enhancing their habitats, and promoting biodiversity within these regions.

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Mohammad Younus, the UN Development Programme’s representative in Bhutan, emphasised the potential of tiger landscapes to exemplify harmonious coexistence between human communities and biodiversity. He highlighted the conference as a critical starting point for robust collaboration between investors, conservationists, and governments.

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Joe Walston, the Executive Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Society, pointed out the precarious state of the tiger population’s recovery, underscoring the conference’s role in ensuring their continued success and the wellbeing of the ecosystems they inhabit. The initiative also explores innovative funding solutions like the issuance of biodiversity credits to support ongoing conservation efforts, further demonstrating a global shift towards integrating ecological values in financial strategies.

DGB Group collaborates with governments, non-profits, and private organisations to enhance the effectiveness of our global nature-restoration projects. This approach not only helps in meeting ecological goals but also respects and integrates the values and needs of local communities, fostering sustainable practices and land stewardship. Our team, comprising ecologists, foresters, agronomists, and technical experts, focuses on sustainable land use and biodiversity conservation. All projects undergo independent verification by top certification bodies to ensure their validity and impact. Through comprehensive biodiversity conservation, we aim to preserve ecosystems and habitats, securing a healthier environment.

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